Qualities of a Good Gynaecologist in Singapore

12 June 2020

Qualities of a Good Gynaecologist in Singapore

Gynaecologists, commonly referred to as gynae, are specialists in women’s reproductive care. They are physicians who diagnose and treat diseases of female reproductive systems.

They are trained to screen maladies of the female organs such as irregular menstrual cycles, infertility issues, hormonal imbalances, vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and gynaecological cancers. Gynaecologists help women make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Fear and Anxiety Associated with Gynaecological Exams

Despite the key role that gynaecologists play in women’s reproductive health, some women neglect to undergo their annual gynaecological exams. There are a plenty of reasons why female patients dread seeing their gynaes. Some are rooted in fear and anxiety of not knowing what to expect during their visit.

Many women find it embarrassing to undress and have their doctor see the private parts of their body. Research shows that 70% of women find their gynaecological examination stressful and embarrassing. That’s because during the vaginal examination, women become self-conscious of their vaginal appearance, including hair growth, vulva shape, vaginal scent or discharge. Unfortunately, fear and anxiety during check-ups hinder women from receiving the best care possible from their gynaecologist.

What Do I Look For In a Gynaecologist?

Do you feel an intrusion of your privacy when you see your gynae? To reduce feelings of anxiety, embarrassment or discomfort, it’s important for women to work with their gynaecologist of choice. Patients who have a positive relationship with their gynaecologists feel less vulnerable and are more participative during clinic visits.

Here are some of the qualities that you might want to look for in a gynaecologist:

1. Attentive

A good gynaecologist genuinely listens to what you say. Patient-centric attentiveness encourages patients to fully disclose their history and health concerns.
Active listening is ideal component of optimal patient care. But more than that, it is therapeutic for patients. So feel free to talk about your own thought processes to your gynae. When a patient provides adequate information to her gynecologist, the latter acquires a better understanding of her medical condition and is able to give proper diagnosis of the disease and treat it more effectively.

2. Trustworthy

Privacy and confidentiality are critical components of patient care in gynaecology. Physician-patient conversation regularly involves information of sensitive nature. Sharing intimate about your sexual history or unusual vaginal discharges can be uncomfortable. Having a trustworthy gynae whom you can place your trust on can help to alleviate these feelings of anxiety.

As patient, you will likely to share sensitive information during consultation when you know you are protected from unauthorised disclosures. In gynaecological practice, confidentiality is not only a sign of respect for a woman patient; it is also part of an effective treatment plan.

3. Honesty

A good physician-patient relationship is built on honesty. A gynaecologist ought to be truthful when conversing with patients. This includes disclosing everything about the prognosis of a disease as well as the clinical risks and benefits of varied modes of treatment. Unbiased presentation of useful clinical information, including reasonable medical alternatives, helps to support patients’ informed decision-making.

4. Professional Credentials

A good gynaecologist possesses professional credentials. In Singapore, gynaecologists are held to a high standard. Only those with the requisite academic background and clinical practice are allowed to specialise in gynaecology. Good credentials reflect a doctor’s knowledge and expertise and are necessary to delivery satisfactory outcomes of patient care.

Is Gender an Important Factor when Choosing my Gynaecologist?

Not really. While some prefer female gynaes, not all women do. Studies show that almost 80% of women don’t consider gender preference when selecting their gynaecologist. It matters not if a gynaecologist is female or male. What patients prioritise is the quality of care they receive from their doctor. So long as a gynaecologist possesses good medical reputation, gender is relatively a minor consideration.

Visit a Gynaecologist in Singapore

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