7 Possible Reasons for Getting C-Section

7 Possible Reasons for Getting C-Section

Giving birth is a significant milestone in every mother’s life. While most mothers want a natural birth, others may require a C-section operation. To know if you need to have a caesarean delivery, take a look at the following reasons for getting the procedure.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vaginal Care and Hygiene


Many women consider the topic of vaginal care and hygiene a taboo because of its intimate nature. But it’s a necessary discussion to keep your vagina healthy and free from infections. Know more about what you should do and what you should avoid, as explained by experts.

When Should You Visit a Gynaecology Clinic?


Women may assume that they only need to visit a gynae clinic in Singapore when they are sick or pregnant. However, regular visits to the gynaecologist are essential to keep your health in check.

Qualities of a Good Gynaecologist in Singapore

A good gynaecologist has clinical expertise, credentials and is attentive and trustworthy. Our gynaecologist makes patients feel comfortable during clinic visits and respects every patient’s right to privacy.