31 January 2022

6 Tips to Enhance Your Reproductive Health in 2022

Wanting to get pregnant and getting pregnant are two different things. While your mind is ready to grow your family, your body may not be. This mismatch often leads to difficulty in conceiving. So, if you want to better your chances of getting pregnant in 2022, you need to pay close attention to your body. 

Here are some essential practices you can follow to improve your reproductive health this year and increase your chances of conceiving.

See a fertility doctor

If you’ve already tried to conceive in the past, but nothing has worked thus far, it might be time to see a fertility doctor at a recommended gynae in Singapore.

Fertility doctors are specialists who can give you insight into your reproductive health. In addition, they can pinpoint certain aspects about you and your partner that make the trial period so tricky. 

Sometimes, the difficulty can be due to your age. For example, women above the age of 35 often have a more difficult time conceiving. Other times, it could be due to an underlying medical condition such as PCOS, hormonal issues, endometriosis, obesity, and structural problems. Whatever the case, your doctor can help you identify the issue and address it immediately for a smoother conception journey. 

Take multivitamins that have folic acid

One way to improve your chances of getting pregnant is to take multivitamin supplements with folic acid. This is usually recommended at least three months before pregnancy until the first trimester. 

Folic acid is an essential vitamin that helps prepare your body for the development of the foetus. Once the baby is present in your womb, the folic acid can protect it from developing neural tube defects that damage its brain and spine. 

To ensure that your baby develops healthy and normal, encourage your male partners to take folic acid vitamins as well. This should promote healthy sperm growth.

Enjoy sex

It goes without saying that sex should be a pleasurable experience for you and your partner. However, if you engage in sex solely for the purpose of getting pregnant, you may end up thinking of it as a chore rather than an enjoyable experience.

When this happens, you risk getting stressed, thereby affecting your hormones negatively and your chances of getting pregnant. So, as much as possible, try to enjoy the act without putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Quit smoking

Besides improving your sex life, you should also consider improving your lifestyle choices. 

If you or your partner are avid smokers, now’s the time to stop. Studies show that smoking has substantial effects on your fertility. Women who smoke are more likely to destroy their eggs much faster than women who don’t. 

The same is true for men. Men who smoke produce less sperm than those who don’t. So, by quitting smoking, you protect your sperm and eggs, resulting in increased chances of pregnancy.

But that doesn’t mean that you can continue once you succeed in conceiving. Smoking is also closely associated with miscarriages and birth defects. That said, if you genuinely want to grow your family, you need to make the extra effort of improving your lifestyle to protect your health as well as your baby’s.

Drink in moderation

Similar to smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages should be avoided as much as possible. 

For men, alcohol can affect the size, shape, amount, and motility of their sperm. For women, it can affect their hormone levels, ovulation, and menstrual cycle. In both cases, alcohol impacts their fertility and, therefore, their chances of getting pregnant.

In terms of caffeine, too much coffee has been associated with increased infertility rates. That’s why drinking in moderation is recommended before getting pregnant and during. To know more about the restrictions and effects of caffeine on you and your baby, be sure to visit a good gynae in Singapore.

Get vaccinated

Getting vaccinated has been such a pressing issue since the pandemic began. But based on results, it has no adverse effects on you or your fertility. In fact, it can even protect you against harmful diseases like measles and COVID-19 once you get pregnant. 


However, if you’re still unsure if this is the right direction for you, consult with your doctor at a gynaecology clinic in Singapore.

Gynae clinics in Singapore can provide the much-needed pregnancy care for women planning to conceive. That’s why, if you require professional assistance and guidance during the whole process, don’t hesitate to visit a gynae clinic near you.