21 October 2020

What You Need to Know From Pregnancy to Baby Bonus

Pregnancy and having a baby are an exciting journey for many couples in Singapore. Sometimes, people got a little chaotic with this new addition in life. But ultimately, reaching these milestones is exhilarating.

From pregnancy to baby bonus, this article will guide new first-time parents through what they need to know in Singapore.

Private vs public health services

First things first, couples need to decide whether they would like to opt for a private or public health system. The final choice depends on their available budget and the level of personal care and luxury they prefer. Regardless of their choice, they should be in safe hands.

Private health systems give you the freedom to choose a good gynaecologist in Singapore and hospital. In public services, however, you will likely see a different gynaecologist every time you visit the hospital. Also, another gynaecologist will handle your delivery.

Nonetheless, you can choose to receive your treatment from a combination of private and public services. Public hospitals in Singapore tend to have private facilities and obstetricians that will treat you in a public hospital. These services help you keep your delivery and maternity expenses low.

Understanding prenatal check-ups

Depending on the route you choose, be it a public or private hospital, every prenatal check-up can cost anywhere between $29 to $500 per visit. You would usually be slotted in for one prenatal check-up every month during your first and second trimester and once every two weeks during your final trimester as your due date is fast approaching.

Hospitals and specialist clinics may offer prenatal packages where you will pay a fixed amount for all prenatal consultations and procedures. These packages help give you an idea of the total amount of money you would need to pay throughout your pregnancy.

What’s the difference between normal delivery and c-section?

In many cases, doctors only recommend c-section if you are suffering from existing health problems like high blood pressure which may cause complication during delivery. You will also have to go through c-section delivery if your infant is in a breech position.

Compared to normal delivery cost in Singapore, c-sections are far more expensive. You would typically have to spend more time staying in the hospital for recovery. Moreover, your chances of having a regular delivery after c-sections become lower. Therefore, you may need to prepare for a series of c-sections in your future deliveries once you go through it the first time.

Maternity insurance

Investing in maternity insurance can help you protect the funds you have kept away for your baby’s future in case an unfortunate event of pregnancy and delivery complications and congenital disease take place. 

If you are sure you will have a smooth pregnancy and delivery, then you can opt-out of this investment. However, if you are a little older or are prone to other health problems, then getting insurance is highly recommended.

Confinement nanny

You may need to consider hiring a confinement nanny if you are struggling through your second trimester. Alternatively, you can choose to DIY your confinement instead. If you go this route, you need to ascertain if you can get sufficient support from your spouse, parent or in-laws as this is a challenging period to recover and take care of the new-born.

What you need to know about your little one’s vaccinations

Amongst the many vaccinations offered in Singapore, your little one will get the BCG and Hep-B vaccines first during his or her first year of life. Fortunately, most vaccinations, such as the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines are completely subsidised by the Singapore government under the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule.

Baby bonus

You will be rewarded with no-strings-attached cash upon your childbirth under the Baby Bonus scheme. You will get around SGD 8,000 for your first and second child and up to SGS 10,000 for your third child and higher. You will receive this cash gift in five pay-outs.

Child development account

Child Development Account is a savings account for your baby. The government will deposit SGD 3,000 inside the account. The government will also match the amount you deposit in your baby’s CDA dollar for dollar, capped at SGD 3,000, for your first and second babies.

This contribution will triple as you have a third and fourth child, capped at SGD 9,000, and goes up to SGD 15,000 for your fifth child.

A one-off $3,000 grant to help parents amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the economic uncertainty and increased unemployment rate in the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Singapore government offers a one-off SGD 3,000 Baby Support Grant to every parent with Singaporean babies born from 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2022.

Parents with Singaporean babies who were born before 1st October 2020 with an estimated delivery date between 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2022 will also be qualified for this grant.


Pregnancy care and delivery may go way over your budget if you do not have a proper plan, so be sure to factor in your choices and expenses to avoid dealing with overbearing aftermath. On the other hand, infant care or childcare can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you not have the support network you need, so be sure to engage with the right helping hand to ease up your burden. Also, do take advantage of the baby bonus and grants that will help set a better future for your children.