23 August 2021


As an expecting mother, one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make is choosing the suitable hospital to deliver your baby. Fortunately, Singapore has one of the best and most efficient healthcare systems in the world. So, you can rest assured that you and your baby will be well-taken care of whether you choose to give birth in a public or private hospital.

Before you can make the call, there are several factors you need to consider, such as cost, convenience, safety, and reliability. Although public hospitals are incredibly reliable, private hospitals provide a comfortable environment that gives mothers the peace of mind they need.

Advantages of Choosing a Private Hospital when Giving Birth in Singapore

Here are numerous advantages to opt for a private hospital and gynaecology clinic in Singapore:

  • They have private rooms on-demand with high-quality facilities

Giving birth to a baby can be taxing on a woman’s body. Naturally, mothers-to-be would want to experience as much comfort and privacy during their delivery as possible. 

As such, private hospitals in Singapore usually offer luxurious amenities and state-of-the-art rooms staffed with highly skilled midwives and nurses. Additionally, since mothers may want to enjoy and relish this experience in private, they have the option to get a private room that’s fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort. 

Most private rooms also offer a couch, bathroom, baby care area, television set, and complimentary WiFi. However, VIP suites offer more luxurious amenities to give their patients a 5-star hotel experience, complete with a living area and room service.

  • They have a shorter waiting period

Compared to public hospitals, the waiting time in private hospitals tends to be shorter due to their streamlined admission process for the mother’s ultimate convenience. Additionally, some private hospitals offer online pre-registration to further lessen the hassle of admission. 

  • They guarantee an OB-GYN of your choice

Another perk for choosing a private establishment is that you get to choose your gynaecologist, which you won’t have the luxury of doing in public hospitals. 

Often, mothers tend to be very particular about the doctors they entrust their babies. By having the freedom to request your gynaecologist, you can build a stronger relationship with your doctors and feel more comfortable consulting and raising your concerns. 

There is a wide selection of experienced and reputable gynaes in private hospitals, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. But you need to do prior research and seek recommendations from friends and relatives to find the best gynae for you.

  • They are not as expensive is not as you might think

Perhaps the biggest setback that’s making parents think twice about going to private hospitals is the cost. There’s no doubt that private hospitals are more expensive than their public counterparts. However, the cost difference is not as big as one might think.

Many private hospitals offer a beneficial pregnancy delivery package to help parents cut down on costs. Some even offer membership programmes with additional perks to provide the best care during pregnancy and after at a reasonable price.

Plus, with the MediSave Maternity Package, parents can claim up to an average of S$4000 depending on the pregnancy care and delivery option they choose, resulting in thousands of dollars saved. In this regard, opting for a private hospital doesn’t seem as far-fetched and unattainable anymore.

Top Private Hospitals in Singapore

After setting your mind to choosing a private hospital for your delivery, you need to check the available options and narrow your list to your top choices. Among the many establishments in the country, here are some of the private hospitals and recommended gynae in Singapore you can visit:

Each hospital offers world-class suites and maternity packages with a wide array of benefits for the parents-to-be.

Other Factors to Consider when Selecting a Maternity Hospital

Apart from the cost, there are three factors you also need to consider when choosing the right maternity hospital, mainly online reviews, available packages, and in-house OB-GYN.

To assess the quality of services of the hospital, it’s important to do prior research by not only looking through their website but also reading up on reviews made by previous patients. These reviews can give you substantial information about their real-life experiences during their visit to the hospital, and therefore help you decide on the hospital.

While doing research, you can look into the availability of maternity packages of each hospital. Although most private establishments offer various packages, you need to compare each hospital’s services and align them with your preferences to find the package that’s best suited for you. 

Similarly, you also need to explore each hospital’s resident gynaecologists and find one that you are comfortable with.  After all, they play an integral role in your pregnancy journey.


Giving birth is an important aspect of every parent’s life, and sometimes, you need to pay the extra cost to have the best services you deserve. By going to private hospitals, you can experience a more comfortable journey for your pregnancy.